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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2011Biosorptive removal of Pb<sup>2+</sup> Cd<sup>2+</sup>and Zn<sup>2+</sup> ions from water by lagenaria vulgaris shellMitic-Stojanovic D.; Zarubica, Aleksandra ; Purenovic M.; Bojic D.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana ; Bojić, Aleksandar 
21-Apr-2007Dehalogenation of trihalomethanes by a micro-alloyed aluminium composite under flow conditionsBojić, Aleksandar ; Purenovic M.; Bojic D.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana 
31-Dec-2006A direct potentiometric titration study of the dissociation of humic acid with selectively blocked functional groupsAndjelkovic, Tatjana ; Perovic J.; Purenovic M.; Blagojević, Savka ; Nikolic R.; Andjelkovic D.; Bojić, Aleksandar 
41-Jan-2014Effect of commercial or depurinized milk on rat liver growth-regulatory kinases, nuclear factor-kappa B, and endonuclease in experimental hyperuricemia: Comparison with allopurinol therapyKocić, Gordana ; Pavlović, Ratko ; Nikolic G.; Veljkovic A.; Panseri S.; Chiesa L.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana ; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Sokolović, Dušan ; Cvetkovic T.; Stojanovic S.; Kocic H.; Nikolic R.
51-Jan-2014Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry combined with ultra high performance liquid chromatography in the analysis of in vitro formation of chlorophyll complexes with copper and zincZvezdanović , Jelena ; Petrović , Sanja ; Marković D.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana ; Andjelković D.
61-Dec-2012Equilibrium and kinetic studies of Pb(II), Cd(II) AND Zn(II) sorption by Lagenaria vulgaris shellMitić-Stojanović D.; Bojić D.; Mitrović J.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana ; Radović, Milan ; Bojić, Aleksandar 
72-Feb-2012Leaching of chromium from chromium contaminated soil -a speciation study and geochemical modellingAndjelković D.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana ; Nikolić R.; Purenović M.; Blagojević, Savka ; Bojić, Aleksandar ; Ristić, Miroslav 
815-Sep-2009Removal of Cu<sup>2+</sup> and Zn<sup>2+</sup> from model wastewaters by spontaneous reduction-coagulation process in flow conditionsBojić, Aleksandar ; Bojic D.; Andjelkovic, Tatjana 
91-Jan-2006Spectroscopic and potentiometric studies on derivatized natural humic acidAndjelkovic, Tatjana ; Perovic J.; Purenovic M.; Blagojević, Savka ; Nikolic R.; Andjelkovic D.; Bojić, Aleksandar