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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
117-Jun-2013Application of hybrid boundary element method to 2D microstrip lines analysisPerić, Mirjana ; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raičević N.
21-Jan-2013Characteristic parameters determination of different striplines configurations using HBEMPerić, Mirjana ; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raičević N.
31-Jul-2009Comparison of results for the effective height and atmospheric electric field distribution surrounding a parallelepiped building with Franklin's rod and lightning protection rod JUS N. B4. 811Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja 
414-Nov-2019Effects of the photogenerated excess carriers on the thermal and elastic properties of n-type silicon excited with a modulated light source: Theoretical analysisMarkushev D.; Markushev D.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Pantić, Dragan ; Galović S.; Todorović D.; Ordonez-Miranda J.
54-Aug-2008Fictitious magnetic contours as eddy currents exciterIatcheva I.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Stancheva R.
61-Nov-2007Generating homogeneous magnetostatic field inside prolate and oblate ellipsoidal coilŽivaljević, Dragana ; Aleksić, Sanja 
71-Sep-2018High electric field stress model of n-channel VDMOSFET based on artificial neural networkAleksić, Sanja ; Pantić A.; Pantić, Dragan 
81-Jan-2012Horizontal dipole antenna very close to lossy half-space surfaceRančić, Milan ; Aleksić, Sanja 
91-May-2013Hybrid boundary element method and quasi-TEM analysis of two-dimensional transmission lines-generalizationIlić S.; Perić, Mirjana ; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raičević N.
101-Aug-2010Hybrid boundary element method for multi-layer electrostatic and magnetostatic problemsRaičević N.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Ilić S.
1119-Jan-2017Improved direct radiation pattern estimation in FDTDNikolic B.; Dimitrijevic B.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raicevic N.
1218-Aug-2013Interaction magnetic force calculation of permanent magnets using magnetization charges and discretization techniqueVučković, Ana ; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja 
131-Dec-2013Interaction magnetic force calculation of radial passive magnetic bearing using magnetization charges and discretization techniqueVučković, Ana ; Raičević N.; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja 
1431-Jan-2012Interaction magnetic force calculation of ring permanent magnets using Ampere's microscopic surface currents and discretization techniqueVučković, Ana ; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja 
151-Jul-2011New EEM/BEM hybrid method for electric field calculation in cable jointsRaicevic N.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Ilic S.
1625-Mar-2013New hybrid EEM/BEM method for ellipsoidal electrets determinationNovaković, Ivan ; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raicevic N.
171-Oct-2011A novel approach to the positive DC nonlinear corona designPetković B.; Ilić S.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raičević N.; Antić D.
182-Jul-2018Optimal selection of coaxial ring systems in environmental electrostatic shieldingRaicevic N.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Hederic Ž.; Barukcic M.; Iatcheva I.
191-Jan-2015Optimization of excitation in FDTD method and corresponding source modelingDimitrijevic B.; Nikolic B.; Aleksić, Sanja ; Raicevic N.
201-Dec-2011Penetration of electric field into hollow dielectric bodiesPerić, Mirjana ; Aleksić, Sanja