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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
111-Dec-2012Analog filter diagnosis using the oscillation based methodAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Milić, Miljana ; Litovski V.
221-Apr-2014Computer security vulnerability as concerns the electricity distribution gridAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Dimitrijević M.; Litovski V.
34-May-2019Frequency and time domain comparison of selective polynomial filters with corrected phase characteristicsAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Topisirović D.; Litovski V.
41-Apr-2018Frequency offset resistant reception algorithm for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systemsMilosevic N.; Stosovic S. ; Dimitrijevic B.; Bandjur M.; Nikolić, Zorica 
56-Jun-2011Hierarchical approach to diagnosis of mixed-mode circuits using artificial neural networksAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Milovanović D.; Litovski V.
61-Oct-2015IIR digital filters with critical monotonic pass-band amplitude characteristicMirković, Dejan ; Andrejević Stošović, Miona ; Petković, Predrag ; Litovski V.
71-Nov-2013Implementation of recurrent artificial neural networks for nonlinear dynamic modeling in biomedical applicationsAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Litovski V.
81-Oct-2014Maximally flat filter functions with the maximum number of transmission zeros having maximal multiplicityAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Živanić J.; Litovski V.
91-Dec-2012A novel OFDM/DQPSK receiver with adaptive remodulation filterStošović S. ; Nikolić, Zorica ; Dimitrijević B.; Antić A.; Milošević N.
101-Feb-2013Oscillation-based analog diagnosis using artificial neural networks based inference mechanismAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Milić, Miljana ; Zwolinski M.; Litovski V.
111-Jan-2014A small-signal model of a solar cellAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Litovski I.; Lukač D.; Dimitrijević M.; Litovski V.
121-Jan-2014SPICE modeling and simulation of a MPPT algorithmAndrejević Stošović, Miona ; Dimitrijević M.; Lukač D.; Litovski V.
131-Jan-2015Unified theory and state-variable implementation of critical-monotonic all-pole filtersTopisirovic D.; Litovski V.; Andrejević Stošović, Miona