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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-1973The sintering of non-stoichiometric UO<inf>2</inf> under non-isothermal conditionsUskoković D.; Djuričić L.; Živanović B.; Ristić, Miroslav 
1-Jul-1973A new polynomial approach to the numerical solution of thin cylindrical antenna problemVeličković D.
1-Dec-1973A new effective hearing protector from noiseTrickovic K.
1-Mar-1975On the effect of biaxial cyclic loading on the yield surface of M-63 brassMarjanović R.; Szczepiński W.
1-Jan-1976Infrared reflectivity of GeSMihajlovic P.; Nikolic P.; Hughes O.
15-Feb-1976Self-diffusion in the isotropic phase of the p-alkoxybenzoic acid homologous seriesMiljković L.; Thompson T.; Pintar M.; Blinc R.; Zupančič I.
1-Jan-1977A new analytical expression for the impurity profile of hyperabrupt varicap diodesStojadinović N.
1-Jan-1978Some effects of localized stress on silicon planar transistorsRistić S.; Cvekić V.
1-Jan-1979Effects of emitter diffusion‐induced stresses on the common‐emitter current gain of silicon planar transistorsStojadinović N.; Ristić S.
1-Jan-1979Emitter diffusion‐induced stress effect on common‐emitter current gain of silicon planar transistorsStojadinović N.
1-Jan-1979Conditions for the Creation of Dislocations by Diffusion of Phosphorus into SiliconStojadinović N.
1-Jan-1979Dependence of dislocations on emitter phosphorus diffusion conditions and their effects on electrical characteristics of silicon planar NPN transistorsPopović R.; Stojadinović N.
1-Jan-1979A new catalytic reaction for determination of microamounts of iodideIgov R.; Jaredić M.; Pecev T. 
1-Jan-1979Effect of ethionine on γcystathionase, homoserine dehydratase and cysteine desulfhydrase activitiesKoravii D.; Pejovi M.; Djordjevi V.
1-Jan-1979The numerical analysis of anomalous doping profiles of phosphorus in siliconArandjelović V.; Milković L.; Tjapkin D.
1-Jan-1979A new method for elimination of emitter edge dislocations of silicon planar NPN transitorsStojadinović N.; Popović R.
1-Jan-1979An approximation of the einstein relation for heavily doped siliconRistić S.
1-Jan-1979Diffusion coefficient in heavily doped siliconRistić S.
1-Jan-1980Kinetic determination of ultramicro amounts of copperIgov R.; Jaredić M.; Pecev T. 
1-Nov-1980Thin-wire antenna in the presence of a perfectly conducting sphereMilovanović B.