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15-Jul-2011Collaborative it platform for rare diseasesJanković, Dragan ; Stanković, Tatjana ; Todorovic B.
1-Dec-2012Confidence based learning of a two-model committee for sequence labelingMančev, Dejan ; Todorovic B.
1-Jan-2000Estimation of FAO Blaney-Criddle b factor by RBF networkTrajković, Slaviša ; Stankovic M.; Todorovic B.
3-Apr-2015Extended Kalman filter in blind separation of nonstationary signalsTodorovic-Zarkula S.; Todorovic B.; Stankovic M.; Pavlovic V.
1-Jan-2005"Forecasting of reference evapotranspiration by artifical neural networks" by Slavisa Trajkovic, Branimir Todorovic, and Miomir StankovicKisi Ø.; Yildirim G.; Trajković, Slaviša ; Todorovic B.; Stankovic M.
1-Jan-2003Forecasting of reference evapotranspiration by artificial neural networksTrajković, Slaviša ; Todorovic B.; Stankovic M.
1-Dec-2006Gaussian sum filters for recurrent neural networks trainingTodorovic B.; Stankovic M.; Moraga C.
1-May-2015Geochemistry of Ni, Co and Zn in the calcite fraction of organic rich layer at cretaceous - Paleogene boundary from Caravaca (Spain)Todorovic B.
1-Mar-2017Incidence and mortality trends of ovarian cancer in central SerbiaAntonijevic A.; Rancic N.; Ilic M.; Todorovic B.; Stojanovic M.; Milošević Stefanović, Jelena 
1-Apr-2018Physicochemical and radiological characterization of kaolin and its polymerization productsIvanovic M.; Kljajevic L.; Nenadovic M.; Bundaleski N.; Vukanac I.; Todorovic B.; Nenadovic S.
1-Jan-2002Reconstruction of chaotic dynamics using structurally adaptive radial basis function networksStankovic M.; Todorovic B.; Vidojkovic B.
1-Jan-2019Thermal energy storage of composite materials based on clay, stearic acid, paraffin and glauber’s salt as phase change materialsStojiljkovic M.; Stojiljkovic S.; Todorovic B.; Reljic M.; Savić , Saša ; Petrović , Sanja