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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012About non standard Lagrangians in cosmologyDimitrijevic D.; Milosevic M.
26-Feb-2019Balkan web of physicsMilosevic M.; Djordjevic G.; Urumov V.
1-Jan-2016Classicalization and quantization of tachyon-like matter on (Non)archimedean spacesDimitrijevic D.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.
1-Jan-2019Comfort level classification during patients transportJovanovic Z.; Milosevic M.; Janković, Dragan ; Peulic A.
1-Jan-2015Comparative analysis of breast cancer detection in mammograms and thermogramsMilosevic M.; Janković, Dragan ; Peulic A.
1-Jan-2017A comparison of methods for three-class mammograms classificationMilosevic M.; Jovanovic Z.; Janković, Dragan 
25-Mar-2016Dynamics of tachyon fields and inflation: Analytical vs numerical solutionsBilic N.; Dimitrijevic D.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.; Stojanovic M.
1-Jan-2018Early diagnosis and detection of breast cancerMilosevic M.; Janković, Dragan ; Milenković, Aleksandar ; Stojanov D.
1-Jan-1996Efficient procedure for evaluation of sound energy density in a rectangular roomMilosevic M.; Milovanovic B.; Radlovic B.
4-Nov-2011Estimation of the static friction coefficient for press fit jointsStamenkovic D.; Milosevic M.; Mijajlović, Miroslav ; Banić, Milan 
1-Jan-2016On canonical transformation and tachyon-like “Particles” in inflationary cosmologyDjordjevic G.; Dimitrijevic D.; Milosevic M.
25-Nov-2011On Milne Universe in Quantum CosmologyDjordjevic G.; Nešić, Ljubiša ; Dimitrijevic D.; Milosevic M.
30-Jan-2019On tachyonic inflaton with constraintsDimitrijevic D.; Dimitrijevic M.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.
1-Jan-2014Segmentation for the enhancement of microcalcifications in digital mammogramsMilosevic M.; Janković, Dragan ; Peulic A.
20-Feb-2017Tachyon inflation in an AdS braneworld with backreactionBilic N.; Dimitrijevic D.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.
10-Dec-2018Tachyon scalar field in a braneworld cosmologyDimitrijevic D.; Bilić N.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.; Stojanovic M.
1-Jan-2017Tachyon scalar field in DBI and RSII cosmological contextDimitrijevic D.; Bilic N.; Djordjevic G.; Milosevic M.
4-Nov-2014Thermography based breast cancer detection using texture features and minimum variance quantizationMilosevic M.; Janković, Dragan ; Peulic A.
1-Jan-2014Tribological aspect of rubber based parts used in engineeringStamenkovic D.; Nikolic M.; Milosevic M.; Banić, Milan ; Miltenović, Aleksandar ; Mijajlović, Miroslav