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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Ontological framework for knowledge management in orthopedic surgeryZdravković, Milan ; Trajanović, Miroslav ; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2015Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Stable Renal Transplant Recipients with Respect to the Immunosuppression Protocol - Differences or Similarities?Cvetković T.; Veličković-Radovanović R.; Stojanović D.; Stefanović, Nikola ; Ignjatović A.; Stojanović I.; Sladojević N.; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2014Oxidative stress, skin aging and antioxidant therapyStojiljković , Dragan ; Pavlović D.; Arsić, Irena 
1-Aug-2016The path towards achieving a lean six sigma company using the example of the Shinwon company in SerbiaMladenović S.; Milosavljević, Peđa ; Milojević, Nenad ; Pavlović D.; Todorović, Miloš 
1-Jan-2015Pharmacogenetics May Influence Tacrolimus Daily Dose, but Not Urinary Tubular Damage Markers in the Long-Term Period after Renal TransplantationStefanović, Nikola ; Cvetković T.; Veličković-Radovanović R.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Vlahović P.; Stojanović I.; Pavlović D.
1-Dec-2012Political communication and the creation of publicJevtović, Zoran ; Pavlović D.; Vulić, Tatjana 
1-Aug-2019The predictive value of Klotho polymorphism, in addition to classical markers of CKD-MBD, for left ventricular hypertrophy in haemodialysis patientsApostolović B.; Cvetković T.; Stefanović, Nikola ; Apostolović, Svetlana ; Apostolović M.; Mitić, Branka ; Radovanović R.; Paunović K.; Ignjatović A.; Cvetković M.; Stević N.; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2019Prognostic significance of MGMT promoter methylation in diffuse glioma patientsJovanović N.; Mitrović, Tatjana ; Cvetković V.; Tošić S.; Vitorović, Jelena ; Stamenković S.; Nikolov, Vesna ; Kostić A.; Vidović N.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2019Riboflavin and thiamine content in extracts of wild-grown plants for medicinal and cosmetic useSunarić, Slavica ; Pavlović D.; Stanković M.; Živković J.; Arsić, Irena 
1-Jan-2014The role of quality methods in improving education process: Case studyPavlović D.; Todorović, Miloš ; Mladenović S.; Milosavljević, Peđa 
1-Jan-2015Rosmarinic acid levels, phenolic contents, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of the extracts from salvia verbenacal. Obtained with different solvents and proceduresKostić M.; Zlatković B.; Miladinović, Bojana ; Živanović, Slavoljub ; Mihajilov-Krstev, Tatjana ; Pavlović D.; Kitić, Dušanka 
1-Sep-2007Selenomethionine induces polyamine biosynthesis in regenerating rat liver tissueBjelaković, Goran ; Beninati S.; Pavlović D.; Sokolović, Dušan ; Stojanović I.; Jevtović T.; Bjelaković, Goran ; Nikolić J.; Bašić, Jelena 
1-Jan-2010Spermidine influence on the nitric oxide synthase and arginase activity relationship during experimentally induced seizuresStojanović I.; Pavlović D.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Bjelaković, Goran ; Jelenković A.; Stevanović I.
1-Jan-2013Statistics for ratios of Rayleigh, Rician, Nakagami-m, and Weibull distributed random variablesPavlović D.; Sekulović N.; Milovanović, Goran ; Panajotović, Aleksandra ; Stefanović M.; Popović, Žarko 
1-Jan-2018A study of the influence of ultraviolet radiation on di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate leaching from poly(vinyl chloride) medical devicesKostić, Ivan ; Anđelković T.; Anđelković D.; Cvetković T.; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2009Thymus as a target tissue of glucocorticoid action: What are the consequences of glucocorticoids thymectomy?Bjelaković, Goran ; Stojanovic I.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Pavlović D.; Kocić, Gordana ; Nikolić J.; Sokolović, Dušan ; Bašić, Jelena ; Kamenov B.; Šaranac L.; Bjelaković B.
28-Jun-2019Towards a modern approach to traditional use: in vitro and in vivo evaluation of Alchemilla vulgaris L. gel wound healing potentialTasić Kostov, Marija ; Arsić, Irena ; Pavlović D.; Stojanović S.; Najman, Stevo ; Naumović S.; Tadić V.
18-Jan-2019Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism influences lipid profile in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritisBašić, Jelena ; Vojinovic, Jelena ; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Despotović , Milena ; Sušić G.; Lazarević D.; Milošević, Vuk ; Cvetković M.; Pavlović D.