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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2013ADMA and C-reactive protein as mortality predictors in dialysis patientsIgnjatović A.; Cvetković T.; Pavlović, Ratko ; Đorđević, Vukica ; Milošević Z.; Đorđević, Vukica ; Pavlović D.; Stojanović I.; Živanović, Slavoljub 
1-Jan-2014Antimicrobial activity of selected plant species of genera Arbutus L., Bruckenthalia Rchb., Calluna salisb. and Erica L. (Ericaceae)Pavlović D.; Lakušić B.; Kitić, Dušanka ; Milutinović , Milica ; Kostić M.; Miladinović, Bojana ; Kovačević N.
1-Jan-2014Assessment of polyphenol content, in vitro antioxidant, antimicrobial and toxic potentials of wild growing and cultured ruePavlović D.; Vukelić M.; Najman, Stevo ; Kostić M.; Zlatković B.; Mihajilov-Krstev, Tatjana ; Kitić, Dušanka 
7-Mar-2019The association of CAT-262C/T polymorphism with catalase activity and treatment response in juvenile idiopathic arthritisBašić, Jelena ; Vojinovic, Jelena ; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Despotović , Milena ; Cvetković T.; Lazarević D.; Sušić G.; Milošević, Vuk ; Cvetković M.; Pavlović D.
1-Mar-2018Association of the A Allele of the TNF-Alpha-308 G/A Gene Polymorphism with Radiographic Progression in Rheumatoid ArthritisStojanović S.; Stamenković, Bojana ; Nedović J.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Pavlović D.
1-Apr-2019Attitudes to and prevalence of bee product usage in pediatric pulmonology patientsŽivanović, Slavoljub ; Pavlović D.; Stojanović N.; Veljković M.
1-Jan-2015Beneficial effects of green tea extract in gentamicin-induced acute renal failure in ratsVeljković M.; Ilić S.; Stojiljković N.; Janković Veličković, Ljubinka ; Pavlović D.; Radenković M.; Branković, Suzana ; Kitić, Dušanka ; GocmanacIgnjatović M.
1-Jan-2014Benefit agmatine effects in experimental multiple sclerosis. CNS nitrosative and oxidative stress suppressionStojanović I.; Ljubisavljević, Srdjan ; Stevanović I.; Stojnev, Slavica ; Pavlović, Ratko ; Sokolović, Dušan ; Petrović A.; Pavlović D.; Cvetković T.
1-Jan-2017Bilberry: Chemical Profiling, in Vitro and in Vivo Antioxidant Activity and Nephroprotective Effect against Gentamicin Toxicity in RatsVeljković M.; Pavlović D.; Stojiljković N.; Ilić S.; Jovanović I.; Poklar Ulrih N.; Rakić V.; Janković Veličković, Ljubinka ; Sokolović, Dušan 
1-May-2012C-reactive protein levels of pleural fluid of parapneumonic effusions and its role in prognosisPejčić, Tatjana ; Stanković I.; Nastasijević-Borovec D.; Radjenović-Petković T.; Djordjević I.; Pavlović D.; Janković I.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana 
1-Jan-2018Calculation of the channel discharge function for the generalized lightning traveling current source return stroke modelPavlović D.; Milovanović, Goran ; Cvetić J.
1-Sep-2017Catalase C-262T Gene Variant in Patients with Bronchial AsthmaDespotović , Milena ; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Stanković I.; Bašić, Jelena ; Dordević B.; Pavlović D.
19-Jun-2012Chloroplast pigments in post-fire-grown cryptophytes on Vidlič Mountain (Southeastern Serbia)Marković M.; Pavlović D.; Tošić S.; Stankov Jovanović , Vesna ; Krstić N.; Stamenković S.; Mitrović, Tatjana ; Marković V.
1-Dec-2010Comparative review of the requirements of the european pharmacopoeia 6.0 and the pharmacopea yugoslavica 2000 for herbal drugs and herbal drug preparationsPavlović D.; Vuleta G.; Kovačević N.
3-Dec-2013Comparative study of binding strengths of heavy metals with humic acidKostić, Ivan ; Andelković T.; Nikolić R.; Cvetković T.; Pavlović D.; Bojić, Aleksandar 
1-Jan-2014Composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of methanol extracts of some Acinos miller speciesGolubović T.; Palić R.; Kitić, Dušanka ; Stojanović, Gordana ; Zlatković B.; Ristić, Miroslav ; Pavlović D.
1-Jan-2016Determination of di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in plastic medical devicesKostić, Ivan ; Anđelković T.; Anđelković D.; Cvetković T.; Pavlović D.
1-Jul-2016Distribution of MEFV gene mutations and R202Q polymorphism in the Serbian population and their influence on oxidative stress and clinical manifestations of inflammationMilenković, Jelena ; Vojinovic, Jelena ; Debeljak M.; Toplak N.; Lazarević D.; Avčin T.; Jevtović-Stoimenov, Tatjana ; Pavlović D.; Bojanić, Vladmila ; Milojković M.; Kocić, Gordana ; Veljković A.
13-Nov-2013Effects of extracts of ginkgo, onion, and celery on the contractility of isolated rat AtriaRadenković M.; Kitić, Dušanka ; Kostić M.; Mrkaić A.; Pavlović D.; Miladinović, Bojana ; Branković, Suzana 
1-Dec-2013Endothelial dysfunction, inflammation and malnutrition markers as predictors of mortality in dialysis patients: Multimarker approachIgnjatović A.; Cvetković T.; Pavlović, Ratko ; Đorđević, Vukica ; Milošević Z.; Đorđević, Vukica ; Pavlović D.; Stojanović I.; Bogdanović D.