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1-Dec-2017Community concordance in lotic ecosystems: How to establish unbiased congruence between macroinvertebrate and fish communitiesMilošević D.; Stojković Piperac, Milica ; Petrović A.; Čerba D.; Mančev, Dejan ; Paunović M.; Simić, Vladimir 
1-Dec-2012Confidence based learning of a two-model committee for sequence labelingMančev, Dejan ; Todorovic B.
1-Oct-2012Gradient computation in linear-chain conditional random fields using the entropy message passing algorithmIlić, Velimir ; Mančev, Dejan ; Todorović B.; Stanković M.
1-Jan-2015K-best max-margin approaches for sequence labelingMančev, Dejan ; Todorović B.
1-Mar-2018The potential of chironomid larvae-based metrics in the bioassessment of non-wadeable riversMilošević D.; Mančev, Dejan ; Čerba D.; Stojković Piperac, Milica ; Popović N.; Atanacković A.; Đuknić J.; Simić, Vladimir ; Paunović M.
1-Jan-2014A primal sub-gradient method for structured classification with the averaged sum lossMančev, Dejan ; Todorović B.
1-Jan-2013Spatio-temporal pattern of the Chironomidae community: Toward the use of non-biting midges in bioassessment programsMilošević D.; Simić, Vladimir ; Stojković M.; Čerba D.; Mančev, Dejan ; Petrović A.; Paunović M.
1-Jan-2013Visualization of fish community distribution patterns using the self-organizing map: A case study of the Great Morava River system (Serbia)Stojkovic M.; Simić, Vladimir ; Milosevic D.; Mančev, Dejan ; Penczak T.