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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Analysis and modeling of the effects of process parameters on specific cutting energy in abrasive water jet cuttingJanković, Predrag ; Madić, Miloš ; Petković D.; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Jan-2014Analysis of correlations of multiple-performance characteristics for optimization of CO<inf>2</inf> laser nitrogen cutting of AISI 304 stainless steelMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Trajanović, Miroslav ; Manić, Miodrag 
14-Mar-2013Analysis of the heat affected zone in CO<inf>2</inf> laser cutting of stainless steelMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Dec-2015ANN modeling of kerf taper angle in CO<inf>2</inf>laser cutting and optimization of cutting parameters using Monte Carlo methodMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Gostimirović M.
1-Jan-2014Application of multi-stage Monte Carlo method for solving machining optimization problemsMadić, Miloš ; Kovačević, Milan ; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Jun-2013Application of RCGA-ANN approach for modeling kerf width and surface roughness in CO<inf>2</inf> laser cutting of mild steelMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Apr-2017Application of the performance selection index method for solving machining MCDM problemsPetković D.; Madić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Gečevska V.
1-Jan-2016Application of the ROV method for the selection of cutting fluidsMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Manić, Miodrag 
15-Sep-2018An approach for robust decision making rule generation: Solving transport and logistics decision making problemsPetrović G.; Madić, Miloš ; Antucheviciene J.
1-Dec-2012An artificial intelligence approach for the prediction of surface roughness in Co<inf>2</inf> laser cuttingMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Jan-2014Artificial intelligence model for the prediction of cut quality in abrasive water jet cuttingMadić, Miloš ; Janković, Predrag ; Slatineanu L.; Radovanović, Miroslav 
5-Jun-2013An artificial neural network approach for analysis and minimization of HAZ in CO<inf>2</inf> laser cutting of stainless steelMadić, Miloš ; Brabie G.; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Jan-2010Assessing the sensitivity of the artificial neural network to experimental noise: A case studyMadić, Miloš ; Marinković V.
1-Jan-2016Comparison of fuzzy logic, regression and ann laser kerf width modelsMadić, Miloš ; Ćojbašić, Žarko ; Radovanović, Miroslav 
1-Dec-2019Comparison of three fuzzy MCDM methods for solving the supplier selection problemPetrović G.; Mihajlović J.; Ćojbašić, Žarko ; Madić, Miloš ; Marinković, Dragan 
1-Dec-2012Correlation between surface roughness characteristics in CO<inf>2</inf> laser cutting of mild steelMadić, Miloš ; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Nedić B.
28-Jun-2012Cutting parameters optimization for surface roughness in turning operation of polyethylene (PE) using Taguchi methodLazarević D.; Madić, Miloš ; Janković, Predrag ; Lazarević, Anđela 
1-Jan-2015Detailed study on fusion characteristics of rigid poly(vinyl chloride) nanocomposites: The comparison of using multiple regression analysis and artificial neural networkMoghri M.; Shamaee H.; Tavana R.; Madić, Miloš ; Shukla D.
1-Mar-2017Determination of laser cutting process conditions using the preference selection index methodMadić, Miloš ; Antucheviciene J.; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Petković D.
1-Jan-2016Determination of manufacturing process conditions by using MCDM methods: Application in laser cuttingMadić, Miloš ; Antuchevičienė J.; Radovanović, Miroslav ; Petković D.